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I want to use Github Actions for CI and run tests before the branch can be merged.
I have a monorepo with Nest & Angular. I am using Cypress/Jest for my tests.

I need my backend running for my frontend cypress tests to pass...
Currently GH Actions doesn't move onto the next step because the backend process is running - but that's what I want...

How do I successfully move onto the next step within github actions once my Nest backend process is up and running? (I am open to constructing my workflow file however i need to)

name: test
on: [push]
  OTHER_SECRETS: ${{ secrets.otherSecrets }}
    runs-on: macos-11
      # start cypress w/github action:
      - name: Setup Node.js environment
        uses: actions/setup-node@v2.5.0
          node-version: '16.13.0'
      - name: Checkout
        uses: 'actions/checkout@v2'
      - name: "Start Backend"
        run: |
          cd server &&
          npm install &&
          npm run build &&
          npm run start:prod
      - name: "Start Frontend"
        run: |
          npm install &&
          npm run build &&
          npm run start
      - name: Cypress run
        uses: cypress-io/github-action@v2
          record: true
          browser: chrome
      - name: "Run Jest Tests"
        run: |
            cd server &&
            npm run test

#note: I have tried appending the "&& sleep 10 && curl http://localhost:port -i" option to the npm commands - and it hasn't worked for me.

#note2: It's my first time w/ GH Actions, so maybe I'm missing something obvious!!

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